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What is Anti Smog Gun?

Cloud Tech’s ANTI-SMOG GUN has came up as a solution to overcome this problem of air pollution. Anti Smog Gun is a device designed to reduce air pollution by spraying atomised water into the atmosphere so that all the dust and polluted particles gets clear from the environment.

Anti Smog gun is designed to create a ultra-fine fog consisting of very fine water droplets( 10 Micron size) These tiny water droplets are spread in larger area with the help of high speed fan and absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air, yet fall to the ground without wetness

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Do you know about SMOG

About Smog

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The world of big and large cities seems glamorous from outside but however the sight you have within might be so hazy and obscure that you can’t even see the horizon. This might be because of the smoke or the fog which is nonetheless called as SMOG.
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How Smog is formed?

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Smog is formed when sunlight and its heat react with the gases and fine particles released into the atmosphere through burnt fuels. The complex photochemical reactions between the precursors like volatile organic compounds, sulphur...
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#1 Anti Smog Gun Manufacturers in Yamunanagar
Anti Smog Gun Suppliers in Yamunanagar

The Air Pollution Concentration of particulate higher than 50 mg/Nm 3 of PM10 per day KILLS PEOPLE & ANIMALS

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