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Anti Smog Gun have been successfully used in the material-handling industry for more than 30 years to control explosive dust at transfer points. Today, Anti Smog Gun are proven to be an Best Technology for fugitive and respirable dust control. It adds only minimal water to avoid material degradation. With the small droplets size and the fog's effective dispersal pattern, moisture addition is approximately 0.1% by weight of material conveyed.

For agglomeration off dust particles to occur at the dust source point, two conditions must need:

Enough water droplets of the same size as the dust particles must be present at the same rate as the dust particles. Both dust and water droplets must be constrained in the same area so that agglomeration can occur.

If the water droplet's size is too large, the dust particle will follow the air stream line and miss the water droplet.

Anti Smog Mist Gun Manufacturers in India

Do you know about SMOG?

The world of big and large cities seems glamorous from outside but however the sight you have within might be so hazy and obscure that you can’t even see the horizon. This might be because of the smoke or the fog which is nonetheless called as SMOG.

Smog is a type of air pollution which is caused by the tiny particles present in the air. The word smog derives from the mixture of smoke and fog. Smog is formed by the particulate matter present in the atmosphere mainly ground level ozone and fine particles emitted through the fossil fuels from automobiles, factories and power plants. This yellowish or blackish fog can also be described as the mixture of various gases, dust and vapours available in the atmosphere. It not only creates the haze or reduces the visibility but also becomes the root cause for many of the bronchial and heart problems as it makes breathing difficult.


How Smog is formed?

Smog is formed when sunlight and its heat react with the gases and fine particles released into the atmosphere through burnt fuels. The complex photochemical reactions between the precursors like volatile organic compounds, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides release the ground level ozone and fine particles in the air.

The Air Pollution Concentration of particulate higher than 50 mg/Nm 3 of PM10 per day KILLS PEOPLE & ANIMALS

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