What is Anti Smog Gun?

What is Anti Smog Gun

Anti-smog Gun is a modern instrument to combat air pollution. It sprays robotic water into tiny droplets (10 microns) to adhere the dust and other air-born pollutants from the air and obtain them down to the ground. It makes an unnatural mist up to a height of 50 meters to subdue the dust particles and PM 2.5 on the road surface. It is equipped with a water tank to transform water into a fine spray with tiny droplets. These tiny water droplets are spread with the aid of a high-speed fan by passing high pressure through propellers that soak the slightest dust particles.

Additionally, this Anti-smog Gun is created with heavy-duty hydraulic components to offer a higher performance during misting. If you are looking for an Anti-Smog Gun, Cloud Tech is a great solution for conquering air pollution. These anti-smog guns come in wide ranges comprising 30M (Meter), 50M, 70M, and 100M. These anti-smog guns can also be used as Trolley mounted anti-smog guns, truck-mounted anti-smog guns, E-rickshaw mounted, and fixed anti-smog gun towers etc.

Special Features of Anti-Smog Gun:-

  • High-Pressure Booster pump.
  • Nozzles design for circa 10-micron drop size.
  • Easy to Install and uphold.
  • Electrified or epoxy-coated base.
  • High-pressure booster pump.
  • 70-100 bars operating pressure.
  • Banded switch gears and motors.

Key advantages of Anti-Smog Gun:-

  • Automatic tools come with water filter support with leveling jack, and the portable tower is the most suitable for shielding areas.
  • Pole mounted Anti-smog guns free to skid with heavy-duty bearings.
  • Its blower is comprised of an electric motor shaft that efficiently flows straight air.
  • A high-pressure water pump works with electric control.
  • Aluminium impeller and stainless steel nozzles supply additional eclectic protection.
  • Efficacious performance without wetting the land subdues dust and smog in the air.
  • Heavy-duty devices operate break-free procedures for long hours.
  • It has an efficient spraying volume which is perfect for long years of use.
  • Auto control equipment appropriate for indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.

The Air Pollution Concentration of particulate higher than 50 mg/Nm 3 of PM10 per day KILLS PEOPLE & ANIMALS

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